Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Steps

HI! And welcome to the world of Extraordinary Events. By now you know that as “leader” of EE I am not the most tech-savvy guru of the latest and greatest communications forms so bear with me. I’m trying to “get with it” and blog. And with that I have to ask, “What is a blog?” “Why blog?” and then “Will anyone be interested in my/our blog?” So bear with me/us and read on.

You will get our news…what’s new. You’ll get news about new trends, new venues, new ideas and who’s doing what, all information we hope you’ll be able to use. Contrary to our Good Newsletter, it might be promotional for us, and for others.

You will get some education. We’re big believers in that. And you’ll probably also hear our opinions on various subjects. We’re big on corporate social responsibility, giving back to our industry and to charity. And we want to encourage you to support that along with all of us at EE.

So let’s start this week with introducing you to two things I’m very proud of. One is a series of educational tapes (a program created by Jorge Zurita of Sarao in Mexico). Many of the greats of the events industry contributed and I was featured in a section on ethics and principles. 

A second link will be to some reviews and information on my books which is being Googled many times daily and as my friend Joann Roth-Oseary would say, “I am kvelling”. (That means bragging, getting excited, busting my seams). 

So here you can share anything you’d like with us a we sally forth into the world of blogging.