Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lessons Learned at EE

In the world of events I feel my role is to advise, mentor, teach and develop my team so that they can always grow and live out their own dreams. I was curious to ask them what lessons they had learned during their time at EE. Here are some of the answers that I hope will inspire our readers as much as they did me. -Andrea Michaels, President

 “Luckily I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to see Andrea in action for many years. I have tried to absorb the way she treats clients’ needs. She always has a “can-do” attitude with them, even when they are seemingly asking for the impossible. This is what sets Andrea, and EE, apart in this world of events.” –Jon Michaels, Executive Vice President

 “While working at EE, I’ve learned that there is no sense in getting stressed out over situations I cannot control.  Staying in control serves to keep those around me calm. Another great lesson is learning not to be afraid to ask for help. I now know to invite people into my inner circle. It’s my obligation to let others know I need help!” -Mark Houck, Senior Account Executive

 In my nine years with EE, I’ve learned to 1) deliver what you say you can on time and on budget; 2) “get it in writing”; and 3) always be thankful to EVERY single person with whom you work along the way. (Or) You’re never too busy to say thank you! –Evan Grey, Director of Production Services

"Speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time consulting and freelancing, especially for larger agencies and corporations, one of the valuable things I’ve learned from EE is the rewarding part of being part of a smaller team and family. I can safely say I’ve never been great at the ‘office’ routine which is a big part of what got me into this industry. . . but I truly enjoy working with this group and being in office with the gang. It’s great to experience a team that really supports each other regardless of project!” –Josh Murray, Senior Producer

“One thing I’ve learned, especially when working in budgets, is to always have an “outsider” take a look at things to make sure the overall picture, figures, whatever it may be, are correct. For budgeting, even though we use excel formulas, it’s always good to have someone else “run a tape” to make sure the appropriate figures are added correctly. For proposals, having someone look over it that hasn’t been as involved as I have is always great to help ensure it’s clear, concise and interesting!” –Mandy Bianchi, Senior Account Manager

"EE has taught me the importance of interactivity at events. Chances are your guests have been to at least one if not many upscale dinners and receptions. They’ve seen pretty d├ęcor and stage bands and eaten good food. It’s obvious that at EE we strive to create “experiences” because people are more engaged and excited when they get to be a part of it. They like photo booths and donut walls and social media stations. . .all interactive elements that engage their minds much more than a pretty scene.

“EE also has taught me the importance of taking a step back and looking at the big picture. It is too easy to get caught up in the minutia of an event and forget about the overall experience. Finding the perfect centerpiece for a table is very important, but not if it inhibits the ability to consider the walls, the entrance, the action and what happens when everyone leaves the event. And this lesson does not end with planning an event; it applies to brainstorming when it’s easy to get stuck in one idea, or preparing proposals where it’s easy to get caught in the event and forget who the client is and what it will be like for them to read your proposal. And my favorite is how this lesson has influence my everyday life. It is so easy to get trapped in the 9am-5pm work schedule and every day routine-i.e. cooking, working out, etc. - so monotone and regimented. But when I remember to take a step back, I get to enjoy that I live in one of the warmest and sunniest cities that exists, and that I am surrounded by friends who care both at work and at home. Life, work and events are much better when you take a step back.” -Floriane Miniscloux, Producer

“I have learned so much during my time here at EE. The most useful thing I have learned has been to stay organized, keep lists and maintain an updated calendar. With new tasks from different events and proposals coming through each week, I have to maintain deadlines and make sure all the information I am gathering and presenting is clear, concise and accessible. All of these factors help me stay efficient and ready to assist wherever and whenever I am needed.” - Anna Kimura, Production Assistant 

Enlightening, right? Think about what you’ve learned during your career and be thankful because of it!

 Happy Holidays from Extraordinary Events!