Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whack a Mole

This is dedicated to all those who feel like the mole in “Whack A Mole”…can you relate? You all know (I hope) that I wrote a book about my experiences in life and career, that of event planning. I wrote it both because I love to write and felt that I had much to share, but I wrote it also to inspire and to teach life lessons that hopefully would show others that (hold on, going to be very trite here) there’s light at the end of every tunnel and that road blocks are reasons for detours and not turning back.
We all are faced with obstacles. It’s how we view them that defines how we act on them. I choose to see them as challenges to overcome. Since my daily life even today seems to be a reason for Volume 2 (oh in these economic times it remains ever-challenging, doesn’t it?) but I can’t yet fill the pages of another book I’m blogging instead.

Stress never accomplished anything. Let me share a comment from one of my book’s readers: “Reading Andrea Michaels book again, only helps me feel more confident that everything will work out.” That inspired me to push through MY most recent obstacle. And if you still haven’t read it, let us tell you where to find it (AMAZON, Barnes & Noble). And if you don’t want to buy either the hardcover or the Kindle version, perhaps you’d like to register to win one. 

Shirley Martin, a professional book reviewer, is featuring “Reflections of a Successful Wallflower” in her most recent giveaway contest.  Register for a chance to win by following the link below.

Good luck!