Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why Awards Matter

 I have often been asked if it is worth the time and trouble to enter the various awards that are available to the meetings and events industry. Absolutely! For a variety of reasons.

Planning Events as Award Entries Enhances Quality.

If you think of every event you propose and produce as a potential award winner, you will create and deliver a much higher quality event. You will pay more attention to detail. You will assure that you memorialize the event with photos and/or film and have the necessary imagery to promote it.

It Creates Media Buzz and Supports Your Marketing Strategy.

When you enter awards, which provides the opportunity to get nominated (like Woody Allen said, "80 percent of success is just showing up"), you can create a media buzz and get your company name out to potential and existing clients. Part of your marketing strategy should be to produce press releases for trade media, clients and prospects when you have something newsworthy to announce. Being nominated or winning an award is most certainly newsworthy. This makes a great promotion to present to prospective clients. It is even better promotion for the existing client that created the opportunity for you to work and showcase your work.

It Sets You Apart from Your Competition.

Having both award nominations and wins does set you apart from your competition. It is a numbers game, and I can't tell you how many awards we entered and didn't even get nominated. But, we kept on to the point that we began to get nominated every year. As of this writing, Extraordinary Events has won more than 50 awards across the event and meeting industries. It's a distinction that validates the quality of the company's work and has become part of our unique selling proposition.

It Helps Showcase Your Work Across Different Market Segments.

Entering awards allows you to create niches in various industries. Award competitions are available for meeting planning, conference execution, entertainment, spectacles, theatrical shows, exhibits, mobile marketing, event marketing, logistical management ... and the list goes on. Thus, you can appeal to different market segments.

Is it time-consuming and a lot of work? Yes! But think of it as part of your marketing strategy and devote some funds  for a specialist to write them for you or designate a team member with good writing skills to be in charge of getting them completed. (When you enter, pay close attention to the "criteria," because many worthy entries have been disqualified when they were not appropriately addressed.)

You will see positive results if you do enter award competitions, especially if you promote and market your nominations and wins.

Andrea Michaels was honored with the Special Events "Pillar of the Industry" Award! The TSE Gala in Nashville concluded with a very special honor for EE President, Andrea Michaels, recognized with a unique achievement award. On the heels of the 25th Anniversary of Extraordinary Events, Michaels was surprised with this special recognition honoring her for a lifetime of elevating the quality, integrity, creativity and impact of this amazing industry, as well as spearheading its international outreach. It is a one-time only award, being the first and last time this particular award will be presented. For more on Andrea (yes, that's me) or EE, please visit


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