Wednesday, March 8, 2017


So you are probably reading this title and asking yourself "what the heck does she mean?" AHA! Mission accomplished. I have no clue what this means yet every piece of marketing material and every presentation (live or in print) uses many of these words and most mean nothing. That's my point.

Clear communication with words that everyone can define and understand along with a good story or examples that support that story is all that matters. So let me give you two examples:

1. Live presentation that I was a part of with a PP accompanying it. "We understand your brand's DNA." WHAT? It was for an automotive company. The vehicle does not have DNA. Living organisms have DNA. Later in the presentation: "Bespoke offerings"... WHAT?

2. Another live presentation that also had visual support: "We want to understand what your company (or organization) wants to achieve with this project; be clear on your expected outcomes; and hear the message you want to deliver." With those clear statements, we can respond and can give clear examples of similar projects, stories that exhibit experience and challenges, and how they were met. In clear and simple words.

I have often seen a client pretending to understand the first presentation, but reading their faces knew they were mystified yet had to pretend to understand a slew of overused and pretentious words in order not to seem uneducated in the terminology. It also led to few questions as no one knew what to ask.

So what's my point? If you write, write specifically. "Beautiful stage set" means nothing. "Fabulous speaker" means nothing. Who and what and always, ALWAYS why.

Your thoughts?

Andrea Michaels is the founder and president of Extraordinary Events, a Los Angeles-based, international event agency, and the author of Reflections of a Successful Wallflower: Lessons in Business; Lessons in Life.  Andrea may be contacted via



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