Monday, April 4, 2011

MINI Countryman Wanderlust

If any of you have wondered about the impact of social media on events, then journey with us as we spend the next few weeks collaborating with Avantgarde and MINI Countryman to produce the Wanderlust campaign. Wanderlust is about escaping the day-to-day and celebrating freedom from the mundane. Pro Surfer Chad Marshall kicked off the first of a series of up to 20 events for this campaign. 

Chad and his friends at the Mollusk Surf Shop ruled the day which started Sunday afternoon as they began their trek toward a great evening full of good surf, good food and great people.  Once everything was packed in the nine MINI Countryman vehicles, they caravanned from Venice beach up the Pacific Coast Highway (surfboards on roofs) to Leo Carillo State Beach, one of the most popular surf spots in Southern California. 

As the sun set, Chad and his buddies got the bon fire going and their boards ready for a wonderful night of surfing.   The MINI’s enabled the group to “Wanderlust freely” as the headlights illuminated the beach and water providing ample light for  the photographer to get great photos of the surfers in action.  After a solid couple of hours “riding the waves,” they finished off the evening with a  barbeque and some great acoustic music around the bonfire.  

EE couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off this campaign and we are excited to share some of the first few photos with you below.  Please keep checking in as we’ll continue to update the blog with more of these captivating MINI Wanderlust events.  You can also go to for a more encompassing look at this campaign and to watch short Wanderlust adventures.

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