Friday, April 15, 2011

MINI Countryman Wanderlust, Part II

As promised, we’re excited to update you with latest of the MINI Wanderlust events that EE is collaborating on with German event agency, Avantgarde.  This entertainment packed event took place Wednesday, April 15th at Wright Ranch in the Malibu hills. Read all about it.

To those in the know on the L.A. party circuit, the name Matt Goldman carries a lot of clout. Since 2006, he's been the sole owner and operator of MFG Productions, which specializes in graphic design and event promotion. As a promoter, Mr. Goldman brandishes a colorful sense of mischief, both of which he duly puts to work representing the esoteric cool of clients like Vice Magazine, Mad Decent, and the band Deerhoof.

Matt Goldman, left

A Goldman party is pretty much guaranteed to book the freshest bands and DJs and draw the sexiest, friskiest crowd. School Night, one of MFG's ongoing events series, was named America's Best Party last fall by PAPER Magazine. With good reason: In the past, this impeccably curated run of parties has featured DJ sets by bright and shiny names like Miike Snowe, Florence & The Machine, Van She, The New Pornographers.

True to form, the MINI Countryman Wanderlust shebang is one to make the boys and girls of the Golden State sit up and take notice. Early in the evening, a MINI caravan takes a guest list of local movers and shakers out to a secret location in Malibu. The spot is decked out with slouchey fatboy® beanbag furniture for friendly chilled out loungers. They warm up their dancing shoes to a DJ's tunes, then let the double delight of performances by fast-rising indie poppers Grouplove and freak-folk favorites Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros wash over their mellowed-out, BBQ-glutted souls. 
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros


Space constraints mean the event has to stay mostly on the DL, so Matt rolls out to the location with mostly just friends in tow; but as an equal opportunity partier, he's also inclined to abide by that age-old adage about more and merrier. Thus he also tweets the deets and so do the bands, reaching out to tuned-in fans located in the L.A. area and giving them the chance to leap aboard this sweetly swinging spring fling. The themes of the night are simple: warm vibes, great music, a sense of adventure.

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